FoRbIDdEn LoVe "Forbidden Love"Just one kiss on my lipsWas all it took to seal the 二胎futureJust one look from your eyesWas like a certain kind of tortureOnce upon a 汽車借款timeThere was a boyThere was a girlJust one touch from your handsWas all it took to 整合負債make me falter[Chorus]Forbidden loveAre we supposed to be togetherForbidden 融資loveForbidden loveForbidden loveWe seal the destiny foreverForbidden loveForbidden 當鋪loveJust one smile on your faceWas all it took to change my fortuneJust one word from 借款your mouthWas all I needed to be certainOnce upon a timeThere was a boyThere was a 支票借款girlHearts that intertwineThey lived in a different kind of world[Chorus]Just one 信用貸款kissJust one touchJust one look[Chorus X2]Just one kissJust one touchJust one lookJust 汽車貸款one love

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